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    D.Taylor     (January 11th 2005)
    Love you site, hope to see Lurking in suburbia soon. thanks for the info on your company. D. Taylor
    147     (January 10th 2005)
    The Hamiltons I see is written by Adam Weis....One of the most genuine people I've met
    Jane Doe     (January 10th 2005)
    I want to see Lurking in Suburbia, will it being showing on the east coast or DVD copies? The site is awesome! Can't wait to see more films.
    Timmy     (January 10th 2005)
    Waiting to see "The Hamiltons" when does that come out?
    Mitch     (January 5th 2005)
    Just so you all know, we do NOT spam people or give out any info... at all! "Jerry," the idiot below, who made the spamming comment, was his attempt at a stupid joke.

    Sorry for the mix up and please feel free to sign or guest book. Any info stays right here.
    Mack     (December 16th 2004)
    "Jerry" You wish someone gave you that much attention!
    Jerry     (December 11th 2004)
    Please take me off your list and stop spamming me or I will call the police.
    Daniella     (October 25th 2004)
    Lurking in Suburbia is making success here (in Brazil) in 28º Mostra de Cinema de São Paulo. Congratulations for you, Phil and all cast.


    Diann     (September 2nd 2004)
    So, When does this come out on DVD??
    Dee     (August 11th 2004)
    I've seen this film at CineVegas and went straight to this site afterwards. I was hesitant to write anything here, but screw it. I thought that you couldn't have casted anyone better to be Conrad Stevens. Although this movie does remind me of subUrbia with Giovanni Ribisi, it was original in it's own way. I loved it! There's no question that others will too. Great job!
    matt     (July 27th 2004)
    excellent film! I thought Cat looked amazing at the premiere...does she model?
    steven juliano     (June 16th 2004)
    lurking in suburbia was great!!!! katina is by far the hottest person alive
    Martin & Laurent     (April 6th 2004)
    Hey ! cool site. Thanks for the preview the other night. Looking forward to our next rendez vous.
    Klauzs Senior     (February 19th 2004)
    Melanie     (January 21st 2004)
    Hey Phil/Mitch. Can't wait to see your stuff! looks great.
    phil-don't forget mccormick!
    Shireen     (November 24th 2003)
    mitch/phil: you rock!
    christine     (November 21st 2003)
    lurking in suburbia!!!
    the trailer link isnt working but the soundtrack is one that i want.
    abe     (November 20th 2003)
    kilroy was here
    John Howard     (November 13th 2003)
    looks good...
    Phil Flores     (November 3rd 2003)
    Mitch and Jeff. This site is really shaping up nicely. Thanks to you both for posting Coming of Age scraps. The festivals are going to have a good time with the site. Seeya

    Mitch     (October 24th 2003)
    Everything is looking good!!!
    Mitch     (October 24th 2003)
    Everything is looking good!!!
    yvonne-milay Simon     (October 24th 2003)
    what do I say, mang? I speechless so far. But, I do say that so far, me thinks issssssssss berrrrdy good, mang. To hear the official report, you have to stay tuned 'til I get permission to finish the film from one of the head haunchos........
    jeff     (October 24th 2003)
    welcome to the new website!